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Homeowners have multiple options when picking roofs for their houses whether the roofs are new or being replaced. While asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material, asphalt doesn't offer the best level of protection. Two styles of roof that offer great strength are stone and steel. New technology allows Colorado Springs roofing experts to combine these two materials into one unique roofing option.

Stone-coated steel roofs offer homeowners the strength of metal roofs and the natural appearance of stone roofs. Best of all, they get this natural look without having to pay an arm and a leg for slate shingles. However, there is a lot more to like about having a stone-coated steel roof than just its curb appeal.

Unlike wood or asphalt roofs, stone-coated steel roofs are extremely fire resistant. Wildfires can start up anywhere, putting all the homes in an area at risk. However, stone-coated steel is not susceptible to the burning embers carried by the wind. In areas where firestorms are common, these embers can cause homes to catch fire.

Asphalt roofing doesn't add much value to a home. A steel roof with a stone coating offers an attractive alternative that increases the home's resale value.

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One reason for this value increase is because most manufacturers offer a 50-year warranty on their stone-coated steel products. This deal is sweetened when the warranty is transferable if the homeowner wishes to sell the home.

Another thing to love about stone-coated steel roofing is that it comes in many different styles, so homeowners are not just limited to steel panels. They can choose to install steel shingles or standing seam roofs, both of which can be covered in stone coatings. Pigments can be added to the stone coatings to give homeowners a variety of colors to choose for their roofs.

Homeowners will also be happy to learn that stone-coated steel roofing is environmentally friendly. One reason for this is simply because of how long these roofs last. Every year, billions of pounds of discarded roofing material are shipped to landfills. Steel roofs also keep other products from ending up in landfills because up to 50 percent of them are made from recycled building materials. Even with the stone coating, metal doesn't retain heat as badly as asphalt roofs. This keeps homes cooler and allows homeowners to run their air conditioners less often. This is further aided by the fact that stone-covered metal roofing sits nearly 2 inches off the roofing deck, allowing for great ventilation to keep homes cooler during the summer.

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