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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About Storm Damage Repair Or Replacement

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Several kinds of weather events may result in damage to a home's roof, including tornados, hail storms, rain storms and high winds. No matter what type of roof a home has or how old the roof is, a roof may receive serious damage that requires repair or replacement by a Colorado Springs roofing contractor.

After a storm, a roofing contractor will ensure the immediate safety of the area under the roof and around the house. The roof may be covered with a tarp in order to minimize the damage caused by rain, hail or wind. Trees or branches that have fallen on the roof during the storm should be removed as soon as possible with special attention to areas near power lines or other utilities.

A roof should be inspected for damage as soon as possible after a serious storm. Signs of damage may include missing shingles, broken or dented shingles or tiles, sagging sections of the roof, and leaks in the roof or ceiling. However, some storm damage may not be evident by an exterior visual roof inspection. High winds may cause rain or hail to blow into vents, under the eaves or into the attic. Mold or wood rot may occur in the interior space between the walls and may not be evident until after the structural integrity of the house has been compromised.

If there is any indication of roof damage, a homeowner should call his insurance company. The insurance company will provide specific instructions and will send an insurance adjuster to the home to assess the damage. Some insurance companies employ their own adjusters; others contract with local adjusters and inspectors.

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If the storm has affected a large area, the adjuster may not come to the house for a few days.

A homeowner's second call should be to an experienced roofing contractor. In case of a large-scale weather event, roofing contractors may visit the home to offer their services, often quoting a low price and recommending repair or replacement without a thorough inspection of the roof. These roofers may not be licensed, bonded, insured or qualified to repair or replace a roof. If they are from another area, they may be difficult to locate in the event that there is a problem with their work.

A homeowner's best option is to contact a local, established, professional roofing contractor. Many roofing companies will provide a free, no-obligation estimate. Ideally, the contractor's inspector should be at the home while the insurance adjuster is present. The inspector's job is not to convince the adjuster of the severity of the damage but rather to ensure that the adjuster takes into account all damage, visible or not. The inspection will determine whether the roof can be repaired or requires a replacement and the amount the repair or replacement should cost.

Some insurance companies may require an estimate from more than one roofing contractor. The homeowner should obtain estimates from reputable roofing contractors. Including a low bid from an unqualified contractor may result in inferior work or an insurance payment that is inadequate to complete the necessary work in a manner that will protect the home and the homeowner.

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