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The different styles of shingles can make a big difference in the overall look and curb appeal of a home, and the most popular types of roof cover provide variation in the tiling pattern to avoid looking too repetitive. Most homes have tabbed, interlocking or T-lock shingles, and these varieties offer excellent wind resistance and long-term durability, especially if they're laminated. Interlocking shingles that have been compressed into multi-layered, tabbed sheets are designed to create a more random pattern than conventional tabbed asphalt shingles, and because they're heavier and coated in a protective laminate, they tend to offer more durability than basic three-tab or jet shingles. However, installing laminated shingles requires a preparatory stage of laying down a first layer of shingles around the ridge, eaves and perimeter of the roof to provide underlying support for the heavier material.

A Colorado Springs roofing contractor should have a selection of popular shingle varieties and know when to install a particular type in any given situation. A common add-on installed with shingles is a network of copper or zinc wiring to prevent the growth of algae. This microscopic green or brown plant isn't harmful to asphalt shingles but doesn't look very nice when it gets out of control. Another issue that can arise is moss growing on the roof, and this larger plant feeds on the nutrients created by the algae, reducing the first problem while creating a new one.

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In areas where moss and algae are rampant, homeowners have the option of installing algae-resistant shingles, which typically offer a five- to 10-year warranty on discoloration from plant growth.

The American Society of Testing Materials, or ASTM, rates shingles on a wide range of factors, including wind, fire, sun, rain and hail resistance. Shingles are also rated for overall life expectancy, and most fiberglass-based asphalt shingles are rated to last 20 years. Some long-lasting varieties can remain intact for much longer, and manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on some shingles. However, a lifetime warranty doesn't necessarily guarantee that a roof won't need repairs at some point. These warranties typically cover part or all of the cost of replacement materials and possibly the labor of installing them. The best way to keep a roof in good condition throughout its lifetime is to schedule regular inspections with a professional and to repair problems as soon as they arise. Shingles tend to become brittle and corroded as rain washes over them and sunlight shines down on them, and worn-out shingles can lead to roof leaks.

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