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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About The Energy Efficiency Of Roofs

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There are many different types of roofs, and each type of roofing material insulates a home in a slightly different way. The standard method is to make the roof material reflective, which can reduce the temperature on top of a house by around 50 degrees. A non-reflective roof can reach summer temperatures of up to 150 degrees, and when many homes in a neighborhood have these heat-absorbent black-shingle roofs, it raises the local environmental temperature in a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect. This problem can lead to power outages in the area as well as increased carbon dioxide emissions from local power generators. Making an ordinary roof cool can make a major difference in summer cooling bills as well as the overall interior comfort of a home, especially in rooms that don't receive air conditioning.

A Colorado Springs roofing expert can explain the possible options for making an existing roof more cool efficient by replacing shingles or applying a special reflective coating. Most houses have moderately sloped shingle roofs. This material can be made cool by replacing asphalt, wood or metal shingles with reflective fiberglass shingles designed to deflect the sun's heat away from the roof. Because the roof normally covers the entire top portion of the home, which is the portion that receives the most direct solar radiation, installing a reflective material can have one of the biggest impacts on home energy efficiency of any renovation project.

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Many houses may have tile roofs made of clay or concrete, and these tiles are usually already made from naturally reflective material. However, if the tiles are in need of repair, heat and cool air can escape through the roof creating an inefficient heating and cooling condition. Commercial buildings usually have flat or low-sloping roofs, and they are made from different materials, such as metal or polyurethane spray foam. These materials must be painted over with a coating of reflective chemicals to make them cool, but if a coating of paint can't be applied, there are other options. Flat roofs that are constructed from layers of materials built on top of each other can be made reflective by spreading a layer of gravel or pebbles over the top layer, and this step is usually taken at the time of installation. For homes with the most common type of fiberglass asphalt roof shingles, the best way to invest in cooling efficiency is to have existing shingles replaced with reflective ones made from coated granules.

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