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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About Tips For Energy Efficient Roofing

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Green consciousness is spreading through all public and private sectors from agriculture to retail to home construction. Whether homeowners are building a new home or living in an older one, it can pay to be informed about the many energy efficient methods and materials on the market. By working with knowledgeable and experienced Colorado Springs roofing companies, homeowners improve the chances of finding the most energy efficient and appropriate roofing options for their home.

One of the most popular eco conscious roofing trends in the industry is the "cool roof." These roofs take advantage of reflective materials, which helps sunlight and heat to "bounce off" the roof instead of being absorbed. Particularly in warm climates, these roofs can help keep the building comfortably cool in the warmer months of the year. In addition, since the roofs do not absorb as much heat, urban areas with cool roofs don't experience the tendency toward "heat islands." If cool roofs gain sufficient popularity, residents may be able to look forward to cooler cities a boon to urban dwellers during summer heat waves.

By some estimates, cool roofs lower the roofing temperature by up to 50 degrees. Aside from the benefits to the surrounding neighborhood, the cooler roof temperature amounts to considerable savings on HVAC bills. In addition, many homeowners are eager to convert attics into usable living spaces, but the high temperatures can deter them.

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By sufficiently lowering the heat absorbed through the roof, homeowners may find that their home suddenly features an extra story of usable space.

Aside from cool roofs, many houses and other buildings now feature energy efficient "green roofs." The green in the name doesn't only refer to their eco friendly ambition. They're called green roofs because they literally tend to be that color, at least primarily. Also known as garden roofs, this option is somewhat more exotic than simply installing shingles or panels. Instead, skilled roofers work with homeowners to plant various grasses, mosses or other plants to fill the roof. Naturally, green roofs are most advisable for homes with flat or shallow pit style rooftops. Like cool roofs, these roofs minimize the heat absorbed into the home. In addition, the vegetation provides an extra layer of insulation, which helps keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Year round, it's a triumph of energy efficiency.

If homeowners are looking to replace their old roof or compare options for a new construction project, energy efficiency is worth considering. Consult with qualified roofers to determine the best option for the area.

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