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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Black Mold Health Hazards

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Water damage poses a major threat to a home. Not only can it result in structural damage, but it can also lead to the development of black mold, which is among of the most harmful varieties that can grow in a property. Homeowners who experience water damage should always contact their local Colorado Springs water damage restoration professionals. All experts strongly urge homeowners to be aware of the health problems that black mold can cause.

Black mold is the name given to a strain of toxic mold that is known as stachybotrys chartarum. One of the most common types of mold that can grow in households, it is known to be particularly dangerous to humans and any pets the homeowner might have. The stachybotrys strain is known to be highly toxic because it produces spores known as mycotoxins, which can become airborne and result in a variety of respiratory problems.

Homeowners will usually be able to identify black mold by its appearance as a greenish black gelatinous solid. Due to a wet layer that grows on its top, it is usually slimy to the touch. If the source of water runs out, however, the mold can become dry and powdery. Black mold may be mistaken for other types of mold, but all homeowners should be sure to call the experts at the first sign of trouble.

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Most types of mold have the potential to cause respiratory issues, though many experts believe black mold to be one of the most dangerous varieties. Individuals who already suffer from asthma symptoms or some type of respiratory illness will find their symptoms worsened if they live in a home that is full of mold. Individuals who do not suffer from such problems may find themselves developing respiratory issues that worsen as time goes on.

Due to the spores' organic composition, the lungs are the most commonly affected parts of the body. Symptoms of black mold can include all degrees of difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing. In the most extensive cases, individuals may suffer from swelling or bleeding in their lungs, as well as local mouth problems that include sore throats and bleeding gums. While most damage is common around the lungs, particularly bad infestations can also cause problems in the circulatory system and skin. In order to make sure that homeowners do not have to suffer from such health concerns, it is vital to call mold and water damage remediation experts as soon as possible.

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