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One of the worst enemies of the modern-day home is the presence of water. Water damage can occur in many ways, from flooding to burst pipes to overflowing toilets.

The presence of water in a home can lead to a plethora of problems. Wet wooden support beams can rot, leading to an unstable structure. The interior of walls can become a home for the silent, yet harmful, mold threat. Mold can also begin to grow on, in and under soaked carpets and rugs. Because mold poses a health hazard, it's important to contact a qualified Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration expert as soon as possible.

Water damage from less-than-sanitary sources can be especially difficult to rectify. Flood waters fall under one of four categories. Category 1 water is "clean water," water that poses no threat to humans. Some examples of clean water flooding include broken water lines and sink overflows. Category 2 water is classified as "gray water." Gray water contains contaminants and/or harmful microorganisms. These include toilet overflows containing urine (no feces), sump pump overflows and water leakage from dishwashers or washing machines. Category 3 water is the most harmful of the three. Known as "black water," Category 3 water originates from the ocean, sewage, standing water and water from rivers or streams. If Category 2 water has been left to stagnate, it may be re-classified as Category 3 water.

A water damage restoration expert from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs can answer any question about restoration companies.

A home that has been damaged by flooding of any kind should be assessed for water damage restoration as soon as possible. If one delays, it may not be possible to achieve the desired results even after restoration.

Water damage restoration involves many layers. One of the first steps will be the initial evaluation. The evaluator will go through the home with examine the extent of the damage. A price quote will then be issued, and the recommended action will depend on the particular situation. When dealing with a full-blown mold problem, the company may need to remove part of the wall to access the problem. If the home was freshly flooded and needs to be dried out, industrial fans will be brought in to speed up the drying process.

As with many other emergencies in life, it is sometimes wisest to step back and allow the experts to handle the situation. The typical homeowner does not possess the tools or knowledge needed to accurately determine the extent of the problem and the most effective solution. Because time is of the essence, don't hesitate to call a professional water damage expert the moment a problem becomes apparent.

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