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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Categories and Classes Of Water Damage

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Any kind of water damage in a home is an emergency. What homeowners don't know is that Colorado Springs Water Damage restoration companies use certain categories and classes to identify what kind of water damage homeowners are dealing with over the phone. By knowing what professionals look for to classify water damage, homeowners can better describe their situations. This allows water damage restoration experts to bring the right tools and team members to handle the job effectively.

The categories of water and classes of water damage were set up by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is an organization that certifies water damage restoration companies that set the standard for the industry. There are a total of three water categories and four damage classes.

The first water category is clear liquid, which comes from sanitary or clean sources. Usually, this category represents water from toilet tanks, faucets or drinking fountains. However, category one can quickly upgrade into category two, which is grey water. This is water that may have some kind of contaminates in it. The main sources of category two include overflows from washing machines, dishwashers or toilet water. For toilet water to be considered category two, it has to be free of all feces and urine.

Category three is black water, which is classified as unsanitary and is the worst classification level.

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Professionals tell homeowners to stay away from black water because it can cause illness and even death. Water that commonly falls into this category is sewer or floodwater. Toilet water with urine or feces in it is also considered black water. If the water has started to stagnate or is supporting bacterial growth, it also belongs in category three.

Professionals also rate water damage by the destruction the water caused. There are four classes of water damage destruction, with level four only being used for special situations. The first is the easiest to deal with because it has only affected one part of a room. There is no wet carpet and moisture has only struck materials that don't allow water to flow freely, such as concrete or plywood.

Class two situations are cases in which water damage has affected an entire room. In this class, cushioning on furniture and carpets have likely been affected. Moisture has also reached the structural material of the house. For class three destruction, water damage has spread beyond the carpet and walls and on to the ceiling and insulation in the walls. Usually, the subfloor of a house has also become saturated. This type of damage is often caused from a liquid that came from overhead.

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