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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Causes Of Water Damage

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Water damage is caused in situations where water builds up in places where it should not. There are a number of different things that create excess water that causes water damage, and people who are aware of these can take measures to prevent them from occurring. In addition, they will be able to identify issues before they cause problems and need to consult a Colorado Springs water damage restoration professional.

Heating and air conditioning systems commonly cause water damage in homes and buildings. Air conditioners in particular are a major concern as moisture can build up inside them when they are not serviced regularly. This can promote the growth of mold when the moisture cools and comes into contact with spores that are present in the air conditioning ducts.

Dealing with malfunctioning home appliances can be problematic. The pipes inside older appliances can begin to crack and rust and their hoses often become weak. Homeowners should check for signs of moisture around older dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators and washing machines. Replace old hoses, mend cracks, and dry up any present moisture.

Many homeowners have attic, basement and crawl space concerns. Certain parts of the home are more prone to water damage than others. Crawl spaces are ideal breeding grounds for mold that can lead to structural damage.

A restoration companies expert from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs can answer any question about water damage, attic insulation or roofing.

Water seeping through a home's concrete foundation is often responsible for leaks in the basement, often requiring water extraction. Air leaking into the space between the home and the attic may lead to moisture under the roof, which can contribute to mold growth and rotting. It is important to check these areas for signs of moisture and mold on a regular basis.

Plumbing problems are frequent causes of water damage, but can be difficult to detect when the issues stem from pipes located inside walls. Water can also escape from pipe joints and hoses that are not fully attached. Check under the sink from time to time to inspect for water leaks. Have leaking pipes fixed before they turn into a bigger problem.

Problems with pipes are some of the most common causes of water damage. Toilets and drains that become blocked or backed up can create an excess amount of pressure, often leading to a leaking or bursting pipe. Roots growing into the sewer lines in the yard and malfunctioning garbage disposals can also cause pipes to burst. In addition, rusty or old pipes are much more prone to developing leaks.

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