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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Classifying The Source Of Water Damage

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There are many reasons why a home may suffer water damage. In some cases, a flooding rain can infiltrate a basement or seep into the home through a leak in the roof. If a toilet or washer is clogged, it can spill water into one or more rooms in a home. In addition to damage that can be seen and felt by a homeowner, water can seep into interior walls and cause damage that may not be seen immediately or directly. Therefore, it is important to call a Colorado Springs water damage restoration expert as soon as water damage may have occurred.

According to the IIRC S500, there are three different types of water that can leak or flow into a home. The first type of water is considered to have come from a clean or sanitary source. For instance, if a clean toilet overflows or a leaky faucet leads to standing water, it is generally not thought to be harmful. However, it could become contaminated if not taken care of quickly or left in a warm or dirty room.

Water that is somewhat contaminated or has the potential to become contaminated is considered Category 2 standing water. Water that has come from a soapy dishwasher or a washing machine with detergent in it is considered to be mildly harmful if ingested.

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Toilet water that has urine in it may also be considered mildly harmful, and standing water at this level could also become further contaminated if left untreated for a long period of time.

The final classification for standing water is Category 3. This water is considered to be highly unsanitary and can cause severe illness or death if even a small amount of it is ingested. Toilet bowl water that has human waste in it or water that has raw sewage in it falls under this classification. Standing water that has not been treated can lead to mold and bacterial growth, which could lead to breathing and other health problems for anyone who comes in contact with it. In the past, this has been referred to as black water, but that label was dropped due to its potentially misleading name.

Regardless of where standing water comes from, it needs to be removed by a professional quickly. Calling in an expert can make it possible for a homeowner to keep repair costs down while also reducing the odds of a health emergency in his or her own home.

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