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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Flood Preparations

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A flood can be devastating to a home; however, Colorado Springs water damage restoration professionals can return a structure to its previous condition. While floods are an inevitable force of nature, homeowners are usually given a flood warning in advance that can allow them to prepare. Several precautions can be made to minimize the damage to one's home before a flood occurs, or in some cases, avoid it altogether.

When purchasing a home, potential buyers should always check whether or not their future home is located in a flood plain. Flood plains are areas prone to flash floods. If they choose to purchase the home anyway, they should know how to prepare in case of flooding. Before a flood occurs, residents may sandbag their homes to try to keep the majority of the water from entering. Sandbags normally will only work in front of doorways or low windows because the sand has a limit to how much water it can hold. Eventually, the water may breach the barrier. It is much safer to evacuate the area if there is a chance that floodwater will grow beyond that point.

The homeowner should seal windows and the basement as best as they can. Waterproofing compounds are available in home improvement stores specifically for this purpose. Along with these preparations, the homeowner should also check plumbing and make sure there are proper backflow channels to prepare for any sort of flooding due to overflowing sewage and pipes.

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Finally, if the worst does happen and there is little that can be done for the home, the residents should simply vacate the premises, according to government-mandated evacuation routes. A homeowner should always be sure to pack a bag of emergency supplies in case evacuation is necessary. A pack should include all necessary medications, a flashlight, water and food in water-tight containers.

One should never try to tread through moving water if it reaches above the ankles. At times, the current of flash floods is powerful enough to carry people and cars away. Floodwater is also dangerous because it possibly may carry chemicals and raw sewage that could lead to illnesses. There is also the possibility that electrical wires have been exposed or power lines have fallen. If it is absolutely necessary to tread through water, one should always prod ahead of their steps with a pole or stick to clear debris and ensure there is solid ground beneath the water.

With the proper precautions and preparations in place, a homeowner can minimize the damage to a home. These precautions can help save costly repairs and possibly lives.

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