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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About How Roof Leaks Form

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Homeowners can expect their roof to last them anywhere from 20 years if the roof is asphalt to more than a century if the roof is made from slate. However, no matter what material the roof is made of, all roofs need basic maintenance to keep them in good shape. If a roof is neglected, it is possible for it to get a leak. In most cases, leaks form slowly and often go undetected until the roof needs extensive repairs or is no longer salvageable. If a home has sustained major damage due to a leak, it is recommended that homeowners contact a Colorado Springs water damage restoration professional for help.

Leaks begin to form when the roof materials begin to decay and fall away. For example, the sun's rays slowly break down asphalt shingles, leaving bald spots in the roof. The roof's underlayment acts as a shield that can delay potential water damage, but eventually, this material will be worn away and expose the roof substrate. Because the substrate is usually made out of plywood, water will eventually destroy the plywood or soak through it into the attic space.

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If the leak occurs near the walls of the home, the water can also enter into the home's envelope and cause damage within the structure and the foundation.

Once the roof's plywood has rotted away, the leak will continue to grow. Wood rot and mold can spread to other areas of the roof that were previously not affected. If the water reaches the home's interior, the moisture content within the home will rise. This may cause the paint on the walls to peel and the home's wooden structure to begin to rot. If the problems are not fixed at this point, the home may eventually collapse altogether.

It should be noted that it could potentially take more than a century for a home to entirely collapse because it can take years for leaks to form. However, once the roof begins to leak, the damage only becomes more and more expensive to fix as time goes on. Therefore, homeowners should always be on the lookout for signs of leaks. These signs may include missing shingles or bald spots on the roof, mold or algae growth on the roof, buckling of shingles and damaged flashing. If there are visible signs of water damage, the homeowner should contact a professional water damage restoration contractor as soon as possible to prevent further roof deterioration.

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