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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Icing On The Roof's Underside

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When you notice that the part of the roof that faces your attic has frost, icing or moisture, you know there is a serious problem you must address. Inspecting the interior of an unheated attic is never pleasant. A wise homeowner, however, will inspect the interior of the roof after a heavy rainstorm or snow each year. If there are icicles hanging from the eaves of your home, there is an immediate danger of ice damming, a serious threat of damage to the home's interior.

If this happens to your roof, call on experienced professionals, such as Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration. Though it may seem unlikely, the moisture in the attic is not from roof leaks. It is the result of moisture transported from the heated rooms to the unheated attic during winter heating.

The moisture is the cause of the condensation, but it is the heat itself that causes ice damming, which is a more serious problem. When warm air escapes and raises the temperature of the attic above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it will cause snow on the roof to melt, run off down to the colder edge of the roof, and then refreeze, turning to ice.

Solving this problem involves addressing two issues. First, reduce the moisture from the home's living area. Moisture generators such as unvented dryers, large piles of firewood, faulty use of humidifiers and unvented space heaters are well known for causing excessive moisture.

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Water vapor from bathing, laundry and dish washing also cause excess moisture. Exhaust fans help, but they must be vented to the outside of the home, never to overhangs, crawlspaces or attics. Make certain that exhaust fans are used correctly. A bathroom fan, for instance, should be operated for a full 15 minutes after completing bathing or showering.

In the winter, inspect your attic for condensation problems by examining the underside of the roof boards for water drops or signs of frost. This may be most noticeable on the end of the roofing nails that go through the plywood or roofing boards.

During the summer, look for water stains. If there has been a roof leak, the stained area will be relatively small. If the damage is due to condensation, it will cover a larger area. Mold or mildew also points to a condensation problem.

If you have a problem with the moisture balance in your home, you need an expert to help you find and correct problems involving conductive heat loss, ventilation and air flow. Never leave these problems without correcting them. They will only be more difficult and expensive later.

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