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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Mold Caused By Water Damage

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When water gets into a home, it can cause a number of issues. One of the biggest problems is the possibility of mold growth. There are many types of mold that can grow as a result of water damage, and some are potentially deadly. Hiring a Colorado Springs water damage restoration company is the best way to keep a home mold free.

After water has entered a home, whether from a leak or a flood, it only takes 48 hours for mold to sprout. In many cases, homeowners don't notice leaks within 48 hours, which means that mold may have developed by the time they call for professionals. Dealing with mold quickly is paramount because it can trigger allergies such as eye irritation, runny nose, skin rash, difficulty breathing or cough. These symptoms are noticed in young and elderly people first.

While mold removal is challenging for homeowners to deal with by themselves, water damage restoration companies have the proper tools and skills to deal with mold caused by water damage. Most of these companies employ technicians and specialists who are trained and certified in the removal of mold. This includes being able to pinpoint the cause of the mold, whether it's a leak or an excessive buildup of moisture in the house.

A water damage restoration expert from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO can answer any question about water damage, roofing or exterior painting.

Even in homes with no leaks or flood damage, mold can be an issue. Scientific studies have proven that high humidity levels can result in mold buildup. According to these studies, the relative humidity of a home should not exceed 55 percent. Once it does, this provides an ecosystem that is perfect for biological contaminates such as mold to thrive. After mold sprouts, it can easily spread throughout the rest of the house if left alone.

Since it can be difficult to know when mold starts to form, homeowners should look for signs of mold caused by water damage. The first signs of mold are usually seen in laundry baskets, on walls, on the bottom side of wood furniture or in HVAC systems. Homeowners should also look out for mildew that is forming in bathrooms, basements, attics, toy boxes and garbage cans. These are areas that remain dark most of the time and provide perfect environments for mold to thrive.

After hiring a professional to remove mold caused by water damage, the best way to prevent the mold from coming back is keeping the area well ventilated. When taking a warm shower, for instance, people should leave the doors and windows open in their bathrooms if at all possible. People with homes that are outfitted with exhaust fans or vents should use these fixtures to further prevent the buildup of mold.

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