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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Preventing Water Damage

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Fixing the problems that come from water damage can be a difficult and time-consuming process, which is something nobody wants to deal with unless they have to. Luckily, proper maintenance and regular inspections can help ensure water does not build up where in areas where it can cause damage. There are a number of things that both home and building owners can do in addition to calling Colorado Springs water damage restoration experts to prevent water damage from occurring.

The majority of water problems that lead to damage come from issues in the plumbing system and burst pipes. When these sorts of things occur, homeowners can often stop problems from becoming worse by shutting off the water. In order to do this, locate the water shutoff valve and figure out how to turn it off. Ability to quickly shut off the water can make a huge difference in the effort and costs involved in fixing water damage.

The water bill can give indications of leaks. Home and building owners can get a general idea of how much water they should be using by looking at the bill from the month before or the same month in the previous year. Any significant increase that cannot be accounted for may be a sign that there is a leaking or burst pipe somewhere that cannot be seen.

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High levels of water pressure can greatly increase the risk of pipes bursting, and often begin to make noise or shake before they burst. It is a good idea to use a pressure gauge and check water pressure levels regularly. They should ideally be between 60 and 80 psi.

Pipes that are exposed to the elements should be covered. Individuals who live in places with cold winters should let their pipes drip to stop freezing inside that could result in a burst. It is also a good idea to turn off the water supply when leaving a home or building unattended for a long time. This way, if pipes crack in the home while it is unattended, there won't be a huge wet, moldy surprise for the returning resident.

Many home appliances that use water contain rubber fittings that deteriorate over time. Because of this, check older appliances and replace fittings that show signs of wear or aging. Checking appliances yearly should be sufficient to keep them in good shape, and make sure to tighten any fittings that seem to be loose.

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