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When a roof has aged or has sustained serious damage in a wind or rainstorm, the home is at risk for leaks and water pooling. If left unfixed, the weak spots in the roof could continue to open until water is pouring unheeded inside. Not only will this cause serious problems for the home's foundation, but it could also cause all sorts of other problems for a homeowner, including deteriorating walls, mold and mildew or even bug infestation. At the first sign of any potential water damage, a homeowner can rely on a Colorado Springs water damage restoration expert to fix any problems that occur.

Unless other damage to a home has occurred, water will first begin to enter the home through the roof. In many cases, this begins to happen as a roof's shingles decay or disintegrate. Moisture will eventually cause the wooden structures that make up the roof, including the trusses and wooden roof deck, to rot. Water is then free to drip down into the drywall, resulting in peeling paint and wallpaper.

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If water enters the home's envelope, or the physical barrier between the outside environment and the inside environment, the home's door frames, window sashes and the exterior portions of the walls will also rot. If water from clogged gutters spill back over onto the roof, a home may also experience dry rot throughout the roof.

Total home deterioration caused by water damage can take years. If the home was in pristine condition before maintenance stopped, it could take decades or even centuries before the home becomes dilapidated. However, if water continues to enter the home or has already entered into the home's envelope, the deterioration will accelerate as time continues on. If the rotting wood is left alone for long enough, the moisture could attract a number of pests. Termites and carpenter ants both find uses for wooden structures and may hasten the deterioration process even more quickly.

Having a leaky roof or slight water damage, while serious, does not mean that the home is a lost cause. If the homeowner finds evidence of water damage, such as damp walls, cracks in the walls or ceiling or a dripping ceiling, it is imperative that they make arrangements with a water damage restoration expert to assess the damage and create a plan for repairs. If caught in time, any water leaks and resulting damage could be minor with no lasting damage caused to the home.

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