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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Saving A Water-damaged Wall

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When water damage occurs inside of a wall, it can lead to a lengthy and costly repair job. However, it is not always necessary to remove a wall to dry it. If the wall does not have to be removed, it may be possible to simply remove anything that is inside of the wall, dry those materials and replace them when both the materials and the wall have dried.

A Colorado Springs water damage restoration professional may be able to ascertain the type of damage that has occurred within a wall. After examining the damage, it can be determined if the wall needs to be replaced or if it can be left intact while it dries. In many homes, it may be necessary to remove any material that acts as a vapor barrier within the wall. By removing this barrier, the rest of the wall can quickly dry.

If there is insulation inside of the wall, it may need to be removed and replaced. This depends both on the type of insulation in the wall as well as how moist it has gotten.

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For instance, fiberglass insulation that has been blown into the structure could clump and move in the wall as it gets wet. When this occurs, it causes a structural change in the material itself and results in a loss of its insulating property.

Depending on the extent of the damage and how much access is available to both sides of the wall, foam insulation may be removed and allowed to dry. For those who have plaster walls, it may not be cost-effective to replace them, and a water damage expert may decide to allow them to dry as the first plan of action.

The type of water that enters the home could determine whether or not the wall can dry without being removed. If unsanitary water enters the home, such as from a flood or from a nearby sewage line, the entire structure will have to be removed. In the event that water damage has caused the wall to be structurally unsound, the wall will have to come down even if it could be dried.

Homeowners who have experienced water damage should ask for professional damage restoration help as soon as possible. The sooner that the home starts to dry, the easier it is to repair the damage, which could save time and money while avoiding potential health and safety issues.

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