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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Signs Of Water Damage

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Sometimes flooding is part of a natural disaster and, as such, has been forecast in advance to allow for preparation, but when flooding occurs suddenly and without warning, the effects can be devastating. Water damage is one of the worst things to happen to a home besides fire.

After the initial shock, homeowners are anxious to return things to normal. This is where a Colorado Springs water damage restoration service can help. In some cases, the extent of the damage is not seen immediately and signs can continue to manifest for weeks or longer. Homeowners who have faced this type of disaster should acquaint themselves with the signs that may not appear until days or even weeks after the event.

Water damage and its underlying cause must be discovered and fixed or it will continue to worsen, so the sooner any issues are addressed, the better. Water damage can also occur from a leaking roof or a burst pipe within the plumbing system and may manifest over time as damage accumulates or the leak becomes worse. Whether the damage is gradual or sudden, the signs are the same.

Most of the warning signs can be seen, and the ones that cannot are detected by the nose. As wood and other materials deteriorate, they give off a musty smell as does mold and mildew that develop as a result of a moist environment conducive to their growth.

A water damage restoration expert from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO can answer any question about water damage, attic insulation or exterior painting.

Some describe the odor as earthy or moldy. There is nothing in the home that should give off these types of odors apart from a water issue.

Mold develops quickly as the spores are constantly in the air seeking a place hospitable to their growth. Once mold has taken hold, it is hard to dislodge and the more time that passes, the worse it becomes to remove.

Other signs of water damage are dark or discolored areas on walls or ceilings that continue to spread outwards or upwards. This indicates water behind that particular area. Water damage behind a wall can result in bubbling wall coverings, including paint and wallpaper.

More voluminous water damage can manifest in sagging, warping or buckling of the ceiling and/or walls. Sheetrock will begin to deteriorate quickly as the paper and plaster between readily soaks up water. The likelihood of having to replace wall material is very high, but if caught in time, the framing timbers can be saved.

No matter the source of damage, time is of the essence. Homeowners often turn to a professional for the peace of mind of knowing that the problem is taken care of and all of the damage repaired properly.

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