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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Water Damage Goes Deep

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Water damage may not be noticeable on the surface, but greater damage may have occurred beneath. Understanding the extent of damage to a home caused by water is crucial to getting things back to the way they were. Some contractors will simply plaster over the visible problems, but these types of repairs won't last. A true Colorado Springs water damage restoration expert knows how deep the damage can go and will fully restore a home to its former state.

Surface damage is easy to see, so it is sure to get plenty of attention from anyone hired to repair the home. Sagging spots on the ceiling and dimpled drywall stand out even on a casual inspection. Buckled boards in the floor obviously need to be replaced. These things, along with peeling or bubbling paint and mold or mildew stains, are important parts of any restoration project, but they represent only the surface layer of a structure. One thing that makes water damage so difficult to deal with is the damage that's behind the scenes.

Water can make the walls look awful, but replacing drywall and repainting are only the cosmetic steps. If the damage is severe, water can wreak havoc inside the walls. To begin with, it soaks insulation that can hold moisture for a long time, allowing mold and mildew to continue to grow out of sight.

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Insulation that has been soaked loses much of its effectiveness and must be replaced. If the water sits long enough, it can even damage studs and other structural boards. Having an expert inspect water damaged areas can save homeowners some nasty surprises down the line.

Walls aren't the only place water damage can hide. Even if the floor looks fine, there can be damage beneath. Plumbing and electrical connections are vulnerable in some cases. The sub-floor itself may not be waterproof and can begin to warp over time from moisture trapped between it and the flooring material. Checking for these and other hidden damage is one of the marks of a true professional.

Whether there's been a flood, a broken pipe, or even a visit from the fire department, a certified water damage expert should be the first call homeowners make. Restoration involves much more than a few minor repairs and repainting. A professionally restored home will be just as sound as the original from top to bottom. The stuff that is invisible to most people can make the biggest difference.

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