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Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration: Article About Water Damage Restoration Process

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A Colorado Springs water damage restoration project involves many different steps to ensure the best results. These steps are included so that every part of the structure and any potential damage are dealt with properly. In order to completely restore a building after water damage has occurred, a contractor must take into account many different factors such as damage to structural components, clean-up, mold remediation and sanitation. While every situation is different, the following steps are typical of most water restoration projects.

The first and most important step of water damage restoration involves removing any standing water or sewage. One of the difficult things about water leakage in a structure is that it can sometimes be invisible without a proper inspection. In such cases, a contractor must remove structural components in order to find where the water is located. After it has been located, removal can begin. To extract water from a building, most contractors use a combination of pumps, dehumidifiers and high-powered vacuums.

After the water or sewage has been removed, it's time for clean-up and restoration of structural integrity.

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Depending on how long the water has been standing, there may be major damage to wood components that are integral to the stability of the house. Repairing these structural supports is vital and must be taken care of immediately.

Another major consideration during the clean-up process is mold. Mold spores love dark, damp areas and can spread rapidly in the right conditions. Black mold, especially, can be extremely dangerous to the health of people living within the home. A contractor must use special sanitizers and cleaners to ensure that mold has been eliminated from the home and is unable to spread further.

Finally, sanitation and restoration must be completed in order to return the home to its former glory. In some cases of water damage, a sewage line or component may have broken or backed-up and flowed into the home. These situations require powerful, industrial strength sanitizers to remove the smell and potentially dangerous bacteria from the home. Professional contractors utilize these types of cleaning materials and techniques to remove any odor or bacteria from the home before allowing the people to move back in.

As with most construction projects, water damage restoration projects can be a complicated and unique process that involves cleaning, rebuilding, sanitizing and water removal. Each situation is different and requires special steps in order to restore the home to a safe and secure structure.

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