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Water damage can happen in any home and without warning whether it's the result of Mother Nature or a busted pipe. In either case, the more quickly homeowners contact a Colorado Springs water damage restoration company to fix the problem, the more damage they can avoid. While there isn't much homeowners can do to prevent flooding caused by natural disasters, they can look for signs of leaks in their homes that may lead to mold development.

According to insurance companies, nearly 25 percent of all claims made are due to property damage. Out of that percentage, 37 percent of people claim that most of their property loss was the result of water damage. In cases with extensive water damage, most of the property loss could have been prevented if the homeowners knew the tell-tale signs to look for. Water damage can happen to anyone, so homeowners who are prepared stand a better chance of spotting leaks quickly and repairing the problem before it becomes costly.

The first signs that homeowners should look for are wet spots under sinks or water stains on ceilings. Small water stains or tiny wet spots under the sink don't usually seem like a big problem at first. However, these problems can quickly manifest into much greater issues. For example, a stain in the ceiling means that there is some kind of leak either in the upstairs plumbing or coming from the roof.

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Over time, this water damage can lead to rotten floor boards or an overall structural defect.

There are other signs that very rarely catch a homeowner's attention. For example, moisture buildup in the house can be a sign of things to come. This is often caused by drippy shower heads or faucets and can occur in rooms that are too humid. When this happens, there is usually a distinct mildew odor in that area of the house. Many homeowners try to cover up this smell with air freshener. While this takes care of the odor, it does nothing to fix the real problem. Untreated moisture buildup can lead to mold growth, which only takes around 48 hours to sprout.

While some homeowners believe that only large water leaks or floods can cause water damage, even a small leak can cause major problems. At the first sign of a water leak, homeowners should contact a water damage restoration company. Professionals will be able to correctly identify the source and restore the property to the state it was in before the water damage. These types of companies will also check homes for mold.

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