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Many homeowners enjoy expanding their living areas into the space within the basement. While this underground level of a home can provide more room, it does come with some drawbacks, such as an increased risk of water damage, high humidity and the potential for flooding. Homeowners can take some preventive actions to guard against damage to their basement furnishings in addition to working with a reputable Colorado Springs water damage restoration company if a water leak or burst pipe is present.

If possible, wooden items such as tables, shelves and cabinets should not be placed directly on the floor of a basement. This is also true for furnishings made from metal, as the metal is prone to oxidation in humid climates. Instead, the furnishings should be put onto risers or attached to the wall with anchor bolts so that they are lifted several inches off the floor. This is because concrete wicks moisture, which can then travel up and into unprotected wood. Another option for homeowners is to cover a concrete basement floor with vinyl or ceramic tiles, linoleum or manufactured stone.

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When it is not possible to raise the furnishings above the floor, homeowners can apply an oil based paint or primer to the surfaces that are near the floor. This kind of paint resists water and helps to guard against moisture damage and the effects of very humid conditions. Oil based paints come in a variety of colors as well as clear primers that do not negatively affect the aesthetics of the furnishings. In addition to applying these paints to wooden furniture, they can also be used on metal cabinets and couches with metal legs.

Homeowners can also choose what furnishings are put into a basement. Rather than investing in top of the line upholstered furniture and high quality wood, a basement may be a good place to recycle the old kitchen cabinets or the old couch from the family room after a new one for regular use is purchased. Similarly, homeowners may want to avoid storing family heirlooms such as china cabinets or fragile papers in a basement that is prone to water damage.

For additional prevention of water damage, homeowners can run a stand alone dehumidifier or whole house dehumidifier. A perimeter drainage system and sump pump with a battery backup can also be installed in basements at a high risk of water leaks and damage. These systems should only be installed by experienced water damage restoration, roofing and plumbing professionals.

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