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Colorado Springs experiences a range of temperatures and weather conditions every year. While the summers are warm and generally mild, winter can bring snow, rain, sleet and even freezing temperatures. The effects of those weather conditions are clearly evident on some local buildings. Residential and commercial properties show clear signs of weather damage whether they are built of wood or brick and covered in metal, siding, wood, brick or stone. Some homes display peeling and cracking paint while the paint on other homes blisters and bubbles from the moisture that seeped behind it. Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors has what it takes to cover or remove that damage with a new coat of paint.

With more than 20 years of painting experience and a specialized five-step approach to exterior painting, it's no wonder why the company has such a strong reputation in the surrounding areas. Every paint job begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning.

Few people realize the problems that can arise when they paint without cleaning first. Those problems can range from bubbles and blisters to cracking and peeling paint. The type of cleaning utilized by the company varies, based on what the homeowners want. Some opt for power washing, which lets the painter use a high-powered hose and sprayer to remove years of caked on dirt and grime. Painters can also hand wash the exterior walls to prevent any damage caused by the pressure washer.

The same weather conditions that damage the paint can also damage the walls, which is why painters working for Avalanche go over the walls carefully to look for any problems and repair those problems quickly. Caulk and sandpaper are just a few of the tools they use to repair walls before painting.

Exterior paints range from flat eggshell paint to glossy paints in a number of different colors. Many homeowners opt for a dark or bright color on the walls and a neutral shade on the moldings and surrounds. No matter what type of finished design homeowners have in mind, they can work with Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors to make their home look just the way they want.

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