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Painting is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to change the look of a room. Those who never painted before may think that the job sounds easy. Those are the same people who later find themselves standing on a rickety ladder and trying to retain their balance as they paint a ceiling. Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors knows all about the hassles often found with interior painting. Homeowners often need to purchase tools that they may never use again, spend long hours removing or covering furniture and generally disrupting their lives for days or more. Painters working for the company use a unique process that ensures the room gets painted without homeowners feeling disrupted.

Cleaning is the first step in that unique process. Paint has a tendency to reveal all types of damage once it dries. Those old stains sticking to the wall can shine through the paint, and some paints may even highlight repairs done to the wall in the past. Cleaning the walls is an easy way to prevent some of those issues. Tobacco smoke, dried bugs stuck to the wall and other debris can all appear as tiny bumps after the paint dries. Painters working for the company will make sure the walls are clean and smooth before painting.

Preparing the surface is another step in this unique process. While other companies might clean the walls and throw on some primer, Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors checks the walls for damage and repairs the damage before applying any primer. They can also use sandpaper on glossy surfaces to help the paint adhere better and use caulk to fill in gaps and block off potential water sources.

Though many think that painting is the last step, the painters working for Avalanche believe that cleaning is the last step. Only after the paint dries and both the painters and homeowners are happy with the work will the painters get ready to leave. They will go through the house, remove their tools and equipment and look for paint splatters and other mistakes. The professional painters will eliminate any mistakes and clean up their work at the end of the job.

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